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Best Cloth Nappies in the West.

Cloth Nappies look great, save money and are super easy to use!


Join the hundreds of other Punga Tails families who have been caring for little kiwi bottoms for over 6 years now!


Our 30 day money back guarantee ensures you can shop with confidence.

Cloth Nappies

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Amber Teething Necklaces

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Nappy Inserts

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Every day more & more parents are turning to cloth nappies to save money & in the process are very surprised to find how easy they are to use.  Try for yourself and join the cloth nappy revolution today. Real nappies at great prices. Buy now and get cloth nappies direct to your door.....

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Our Customers Say

I have tried a few different cloth nappies but Punga Tails are the only brand of cloth I could find that don't leak. I wish I had discovered them sooner!
Anita, Hamilton NZ

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